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Part I: Antique Paperweights & Related Objects - 19th Century - From Various Consignors
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Lot 1
Excellent antique Baccarat butterfly and white flower paperweight. The butterfly, with multi-colored millefiori wings marbled in shades of ruby, royal blue, cadmium green and orange, attached to a translucent amethyst latticinio body, hovers above a double-tiered white flower, with a complex cane center, a white bud, light green leaves and stem, on clear, star-cut ground. "Butterflies placed above flat flowers in a three-dimensional layering process were a Baccarat specialty." --Paperweights: "Flowers which clothe the meadows". "...lampwork butterflies are placed above floral motifs encased in clear glass to create the illusion of their hovering in space"--Glass Paperweights in The Art Institute of Chicago. Diameter 3 1/16".

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Lot 2
Rare antique Saint Louis carpet ground paperweight. A large central composite cog cane, in dark blue, white, and salmon-pink, is nestled on a carpet of long white cog/rod canes, which are lined in red, and centered with cornflower-blue and white florets. (See One Hundred of the most important Paperweights, pp. 148 -149) Provenance: Roger Imbert, Paris; Christie's, New York, March 14, 1985, Lot 127; Sotheby's, New York, May 29, 1992, Lot 152; The Homer Perkins Collection, Christie's, New York, September 23, 1998, Lot 76. Diameter 3 3/16".

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Lot 3
Important magnum antique Saint Louis dahlia and fuchsias bouquet paperweight. A double-tiered dark pink dahlia, with a rare blue flower picture cane center, is surrounded by assorted flowers and berries, including one pink, and one red fuchsia, on gathered dark green stems. The bouquet also includes a pair of dark blue forget-me-not flowers, three white clematis blossoms, a golden-yellow flower, a small yellow bud, and three yellow-tipped cobalt blue berries. Clear, star-cut ground. (See Paperweights: “Flowers which clothe the meadows”, p. 76; No. 207, from the Art Institute of Chicago) Diameter 3 1/16". Two of the dahlia's petals show slight separation.

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Lot 4
Rare antique Baccarat seven-flower bouquet paperweight. A dimensional buttercup, with two tiers of cupped yellow petals and a white stardust cane center, is bordered by a red, blue, and white cog cane flower, three blue lampwork clematis flowers, and two arrowhead cane flowers, on stems with assorted green leaves, over clear, star-cut ground. A star honeycomb cane centers each of the three clematis flowers and one of the arrowhead cane flowers, while the remaining two flowers each display a stardust/bull's-eye cane center. The superimposed "X" design in the stem is considered typical of Baccarat. (See Antique French Paperweights and Related Objects, p. 15) The leaves surrounding the forget-me-nots are of a brighter green than the bouquet's others and show fine detail, and perhaps suggest a committee of lampworkers, all contributing their best floral feature. (See One Hundred of the most important Paperweights, pp. 26 - 27). Diameter 3 1/16".

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Lot 5
Very rare antique Clichy 3 flower bouquet paperweight. Three fanciful double-tiered blossoms in pink, pale blue and auburn with complex cane centers grow on green stalks laden with two realistic buds. The bouquet is tied with a blue ribbon indicating it was possibly meant to serve as a gesture of love. "In soft pastel colors, three clematis-type flowers resemble the work of a master confectioner," writes Geraldine Casper. “Clichy was renowned for its inventive flower portrayals, no two of which are exactly alike.” –The Art of the Paperweight - Challenging Tradition. (See Glass paperweights in the Art Institute of Chicago, p. 61; Paperweights: "Flowers which clothe the meadows", p. 77). Diameter 3".

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Lot 6
Very rare Baccarat bouquet weight. A central white pompon with yellow stardust stamens ringed with three millefiori fantasy flowers, a small white flower and three buds of different colors all on green stalks and leaves. The blooms are drawn together with crisscrossed stems over a clear star-cut ground. Minor cullet under the lampwork. Minor split in right fantasy flower. In nineteenth-century flower language, the pompon was a token of strength in adversity, and this bouquet may have been originally produced as a charm to aid a friend or loved one. The spiked arrow canes of two of the flowers are reminiscent of Baccarat pansies. (See Paperweights: "Flowers which clothe the meadows." pp.74-75). Diameter 3 5/16".

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