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Part II: Antique Paperweights & Related Objects - 19th Century - From Various Consignors
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Lot 1
Rare antique Baccarat four-flower bouquet paperweight. A turquoise and white buttercup centers the well-balanced arrangement, bordered by a pair of pansies and a large white double clematis. The two Type-I pansies are each comprised of two shaded purple upper petals, and three cobalt blue and white arrowhead/cog cane lower petals, around a pale yellow star honeycomb/six-point star cane center. The clematis, with a similar yellow honeycomb/star cane center, has two tiers of eight ridged white petals, and is crowned by four bright green leaves. The light turquoise and white buttercup, with a bundle of upright yellow star stamens, shares a twisted green stem with a pale turquoise bud and three green leaves. The bouquet floats over clear, star-cut ground. “Nearly all examples of flat floral bouquets show paperweight making at its gayest and most exuberant, belying the Victorian reputation for the lugubrious.”--The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights. Diameter 3 1/2".

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Lot 2
Rare antique Pantin apples and green leaves paperweight. Three, amber-shaded, golden-yellow apples grow from a yellow stem, with four broad veined green leaves, on clear ground. The rich color of the fruit, the wonderful dimensionality and the rich painterly quality, so characteristic of the Pantin glassworks, make this piece a rare find. “The stage for flower and fruit portrayals may have been set by the proliferation of botanical publications. Nineteenth-century interest in botany for scientific and economic purposes, following the work of the great Swedish botanist Linnaeus (1707-1778), had also stimulated a popular pursuit of horticulture. Not only were botanical artist-illustrators in demand, but well-bred ladies studied the symbolic language of flowers and learned competently to paint them, as well.”--”Pantin Paperweight Characteristics Compared”, Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors Association, Inc. (1985-1986). “The apple, fruit of the tree of worldly knowledge in the book of Genesis, is among the oldest cultivated foods on earth. … They can represent temptation or the fortune of a good harvest. . . . Paperweight motifs of the classic period clearly favored fruits with the most pleasant symbolism: apples, cherries, pears, and grapes.”--Glass Paperweights of the Art Institute of Chicago. Diameter 3".

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Lot 3
Rare antique Clichy close packed millefiori piedouche paperweight. The piece contains a vivid array of close packed complex millefiori, including floret, six-point star, bull’s-eye, ruffle, cog, rod, and crimped canes, in pink, green, cobalt blue, light blue, purple, yellow, and white. The design also includes several unusual canes, which resemble a rose, but differ from the Clichy-trademark variety. These each have a center of thin yellow bundled rods, encircled by a ring of pink tubes, which is bordered by four spaced green staves, to represent sepals. The arrangement rests in a basket of alternating, vertical, light pink and white staves, which extend down to the clear round foot. Minor surface wear and chip to the foot. In reference to Clichy close packed millefiori paperweights, Paul Hollister wrote, “These are not too common. Some close millefiori are mushrooms or pedestal weights. Coloring is warmer and richer than Baccarat and more decisive than St. Louis.”--The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights. Diameter 2 3/4".

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Lot 4
Very rare antique Baccarat scattered millefiori on white stardust carpet ground paperweight. An assortment of colorful complex canes, including the Gridel silhouette canes of a horse, a deer, a dog, a pheasant, a goat, a monkey, a rooster, an elephant, and a butterfly, or moth, are nestled in a ground of white six-point star canes. “The carpet ground is the most sophisticated version of millefiori glass.”--Paperweights. “Carpets formed of sparkling white stardust canes make brilliant settings in which the colored canes stand out like gems.”--Paperweights: “Flowers which clothe the meadows”. Diameter 2 15/16".

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Lot 5
Exceptional antique Baccarat butterfly and millefiori garland paperweight. The butterfly, with blue eyes, a purple latticinio body, and four marbled millefiori wings, hovers over a bed of white upset muslin, encircled by a complex millefiori border garland, with dark green, white, and red crimped canes, alternating with white, red, and green cog canes. “These insects dazzle the viewer, the delicate archetypes of a vibrant imagination. The millefiori garland forms a decorative frame of flowers around the colorful insect.” --The Art of the Paperweight - ChallengingTradition. “The Baccarat butterfly is basic to any advanced collection.”--Paperweights for Collectors. Minor surface wear. Diameter 2 15/16".

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Lot 6
Extremely rare antique Saint Louis encased faceted double overlay upright bouquet paperweight. An upright bouquet, consisting of five lampwork and millefiori flowers, surrounded by several long green leaves, rests on clear, star-cut ground, within a green-over-white double overlay. Top facet, and two oval side facets on opposing sides. Alternating with the side facets are two white oval panels, each with a cut-out silhouette. One displays the likeness of a stag, the other has a running hound. This hunting motif was most likely derived from the overlay work of the Bohemian glass factories that was fashionable at the time. The weight is encased with a thick layer of clear crystal. Minor cullet and bruise at base. “The process for making this rare type of paperweight required particular care to avoid cracking. First, the color-overlaid weight had to be annealed (heated and slowly cooled in an oven). After faceting was completed, the weight was reheated before being covered with a layer of molten, colorless glass.”--Glass Paperweights of the Art Institute of Chicago. (See Glass Paperweights of the Art Institute of Chicago, p. 8; One Hundred of the Most Important Paperweights, p. 153) Diameter 3".

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