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Part I: Antique Paperweights & Related Objects - 19th Century - From Various Consignors
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Lot 1
Very rare and important antique Clichy miniature concentric millefiori piedouche paperweight. An unusual lavender-collared red, white, pink, and yellow ruffled/rod cane is centered by five concentric rings of assorted intricate complex canes, including one ring of nine red-centered white rose canes alternating with yellow-centered midnight blue crimped canes. The design also includes a garland of five pink and green rose canes, which alternate with five green, yellow, white, and red moss/cog/floret canes. The captivating, uniform arrangement rests in a basket of alternating cobalt blue and white staves, which extend down to a clear, circular foot. Minor wear to base. “The piedouche was another innovative variation of the paperweight format. The artisans accentuated the grandeur of the millefiori by literally placing it on a pedestal. These pieces are also known as basket weights, because they conjure poetic images of a bright basket filled with ‘a thousand flowers.’ All of the major French factories produced pedestal weights, but Clichy excelled in this area.” – The Art of the Paperweight – Challenging Tradition. Height 1 3/4", diameter 2 1/8".

- The Florence Ackerman Collection
- The property of the Republic of Egypt. Sold by order of the government through Sotheby’s, March 1954, at the Koubbeh Palace, Cairo, Egypt
- The King Farouk Collection

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Lot 2
Rare antique Saint Louis flat bouquet paperweight. A rare, multi-tiered blue, white, and pink-striped dahlia, with a yellow matchhead center, is surrounded by assorted flowers and buds, including a very unusual white-centered red swirling latticinio flower, and a dark mauve, golden-orange, and white pansy. The flowers grow from gathered stems, with several green leaves, over clear ground. Diameter 2 7/8".

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Lot 3
Rare antique Clichy rose, pansy, and thistles bouquet paperweight. A large yellow-centered pink millefiori rose crowns the bouquet, the compact flower head with a tiara of three dark green leaves and a ring of green sepals. The rose grows from a long green stem, with a green-sheathed pink bud, alongside a purple and pale yellow pansy, also with a companion bud. The arrangement is completed with a pair of rarely seen thistles, each fashioned from a long purple, pink, and white star/whorl/floret cane cupped within a thick green ring. The flowers' leafy green stems are gathered and tied with a narrow pink ribbon, over clear ground. “A thought-provoking assembly of blossoms and buds by Clichy, simple at first glance, expresses unrequited love...The minute detail of buds with green sepals and stems, loosely tied with pink ribbon, make this an artful interpretation of a symbolic bouquet.” – Glass Paperweights in the Art Institute of Chicago. Diameter 3 1/8".

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Lot 4
Rare antique Baccarat faceted four-flower bouquet paperweight. A red double clematis and a red bud grow on separate stems above a large white camomile, or pompon, which centers the arrangement. A purple, blue, and white Type I pansy blooms on either side of the camomile, while a purple bud and green leaves sprout from stems at the base of the bouquet. Six and one facets, with clear, star-cut ground. “Nearly all examples of flat floral bouquets show paperweight making at its gayest and most exuberant, belying the Victorian reputation for lugubrious.” – Paperweights: “Flowers which clothe the meadows.” Diameter 3 3/8".

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Lot 5
Rare antique Clichy concentric millefiori and rose canes paperweight. A pink, white, and green crimped cane is centered by seven close concentric rings of assorted complex millefiori, in shades of light blue, red, pink, purple, green, yellow, cobalt blue, and white, within a white stave basket. One ring contains ten white and green rose canes, which alternate with ten unusual pink and green crimped whorl canes. Six pink and green rose canes are also included in the design. Diameter 3 3/16".

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Lot 6
Rare antique Clichy spaced millefiori on moss carpet ground paperweight. A Type II pink and green rose cane is surrounded by eighteen, spaced, assorted, complex millefiori, including floret, cog, crimp, and pastry mold canes, in shades of blue, purple, yellow, pink, red, maroon, and white, nestled in a carpet of floret-centered green moss canes. “One of the most sought after paperweight designs is Clichy’s striking spaced millefiori on moss green carpet ground.” – The Art of the Paperweight. “Clichy utilized its moss ground in this weight to create the illusion of vibrant wildflowers on a green lawn. It is an extraordinary example of the factory’s color vocabulary...” – The Art of the Paperweight – Challenging Tradition. Diameter 2 7/16".

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