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Part I: Antique Paperweights & Related Objects - 19th Century
"The finest collectors look at their possessions with the feelings of an artist and relive, to some extent, the sensuous and imaginative experiences which lie behind each work." --from Great Private Collections by Douglas Cooper; introduction by Kenneth Clark; quote by Frank Mahheim author of A Garland of Weights.

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     Lot 1
Extremely rare, important antique Clichy moss ground paperweight, with a large central pink and green Clichy rose, in a moss ground, with a full signature cane. A wide assortment of colorful traditional Clichy complex and pastry-mold canes are arranged in an open concentric pattern around the central rose cane. The moss canes are evenly and masterfully distributed throughout, including a perfectly symmetrical ring of canes on the perimeter of the ground. The word CLICHY is spelled out in a signature cane composed of six individual rods in turquoise-on-white letters, surrounding a cobalt blue and white floret, closed with a pink bull’s-eye cane. The unique signature rests on the underside of the ground, behind the rose, surrounded by the moss canes. “[This] example... is quite exceptional and of beautiful make. The proof that the workman who built it realized the value of this work shown by the ‘CLICHY’ written in full in the middle of the back side of the ornament. The ground of green moss dotted with stars and florets recalls the most charming of French Touraine tapestries of the XVIth century. It does not seem possible to achieve a higher expression of art on the road of paperweight making; one can well understand that a factory capable of producing pieces of such quality should have been given countless praise and endless admiration.” Les Presse-Papiers Francais de Cristal, R. Imbert et Y. Amic, 1948, p.86. See also Paperweights: “Flowers which clothe the meadows”, plate 93, pp. 32, 136. ––Provenance: Mr. Z. Djevahirdjian, A Garland of Weights, p. 103.
Diameter 3 1/8". $170,000-$250,000
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     Lot 2
Very rare antique Mount Washington magnum rose-colored dahlia paperweight, having three layers of open petals around an upright center of unfurling petals, with green stem and five green leaves, on clear ground. Rough pontil. “Another Mt. Washington characteristic is the vertical bundling of petals seen in the dahlia... suggesting a flower not completely opened.” Glass Paperweights of the New York Historical Society, p. 122. See One Hundred of the Most Important Paperweights, plate 87, pp. 194-195. ––Provenance: The Edward Laurence Doheny and Estelle Doheny collection.
Diameter 4 5/16". $45,000-$60,000
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     Lot 3
Very rare antique New England Glass Company crown paperweight, with a central nosegay composed of three millefiori flowers and four serrated green leaves, centered on radiating red and cobalt blue twists, alternating with spiraling white latticinio ribbons over a clear center.
Diameter 3 3/4". $20,000-$30,000
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     Lot 4
Antique Clichy stylized flower paperweight, with ivory and green petals around a complex cog cane center, and three green leaves, on a swirling white latticinio cushion.
Diameter 2 3/4". $12,000-$20,000
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     Lot 5
Antique Clichy interlaced trefoil garlands paperweight, with one garland of green canes, the other of pale pink millefiori with red centers, surrounding a central arrangement of a pink and green rose cane, encircled by seven canes of mixed violet and green colors, on clear ground. Six and one faceting.
Diameter 2 3/4". $2000-$2500
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     Lot 6
Antique Clichy scattered millefiori paperweight, with complex canes in shades of red, blue, green, pink, yellow, and white, on sodden snow ground. Includes several partial canes.
Diameter 3 1/8". $2500-$3000
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