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Part II: Antique Paperweights & Related Objects - 19th Century - From Various Consignors
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Lot 1
Very rare antique Baccarat dated close packed millefiori magnum paperweight. The magnificent specimen contains a “B 1847” signature/date cane, among a vast array of assorted, finely detailed, complex canes, including shamrocks, arrowheads, six-point stars, honeycombs, green leaves, crosses, whorls, trefoils, quatrefoils, cogs, two Gridel pigeon silhouettes, and two Gridel love birds silhouettes. A ring of diamond cutting encircles the perimeter of the base. “This Baccarat staple is one of the most consistently interesting weights ever made, always revealing something new”. –The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights. “Close millefiori refers to the close vertical packing together of the canes, like people in a dense crowd. The patchwork quilt of one hundred or one hundred and fifty canes in a close millefiori paperweight offers a sampling of many or most of the canes made by a factory, and treats the eye to an almost endless variety.” –Glass Paperweights of the New York Historical Society. Diameter 3 7/8".

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Lot 2
Very rare antique Bacchus close packed millefiori paperweight. Displaying 140 canes, most of them complex, this piece is an excellent example of Bacchus craftsmanship. Two rarely seen oak leaf canes are included in the design, as well as an assortment of six-point stars, ruffles, crimps, and cogs, in various sizes. Also something of a rarity for a Bacchus weight, the piece contains a broad range of colors, in both dark and pastel shades of blue, red, and green, as well as white. The arrangement rests within a stave basket composed of alternating, pastel-colored crimped rods. Surface wear. “We are always delighted to come across another Bacchus weight, as it is most likely to contain something we have not seen before. Whether impressing us with the size of their canes, large or microscopic, surprising us with a unique design like the paneled carpet ground, or soothing us with an almost white concentric pattern, the large, subtle, elegant weights are a joy to behold.” –Annual Bulletin of the Paperweight Collectors Association, Inc. (1999). “Many of the canes are apt to be large, compared to their counterparts in other factories, and the whole collection is enclosed in a peripheral ring of canes, usually crimped, that cup under to the center of the base.” –The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights. “Compared to the output of the French glass works of Clichy, Baccarat, and St. Louis, the Bacchus production was very limited, possibly only four hundred or so in total.” –Old English Paperweights. Diameter 3 5/8".

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Lot 3
Outstanding antique Saint Louis white and red carpet ground paperweight. A central Punchinello silhouette cane is encircled by a ring of hollow, red-centered, light blue cog canes, which is surrounded by five spaced clusters of complex millefiori, on a carpet of white and red six-point star/cog canes. Diameter 3".

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Lot 4
Antique Baccarat faceted three-flower bouquet paperweight. The arrangement consists of a dark red thousand-petal rose, and a green-sheathed red bud, which grow alongside a white double clematis, and a purple and yellow pansy, with green leaves, over clear, star-cut ground. The clematis and the pansy each have a star honeycomb cane center. Six and one facets. “Nearly all examples of flat floral bouquets show paperweight making at its gayest and most exuberant.” –The Art of the Paperweight. Diameter 3 1/4".

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Lot 5
Important antique Saint Louis dahlia and fuchsias bouquet paperweight. A double-tiered dark pink dahlia, with a rare blue flower picture cane center, is surrounded by assorted flowers and berries, including one pink, and one red fuchsia, on gathered dark green stems. The bouquet also includes two dark blue forget-me-nots, three white clematis blossoms, a golden-yellow flower, a small yellow bud, and three yellow-tipped cobalt blue berries. Clear, star-cut ground. Minor surface wear. Two of the dahlia’s petals show slight separation. (See Paperweights: “Flowers which clothe the meadows”, p. 76; No. 207, from the Art Institute of Chicago) Diameter 3 1/16".

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Lot 6
Rare antique Saint Louis silhouettes and concentric millefiori paperweight. A white and purple dog silhouette cane is centered by a ring of seven dancing devil silhouette canes, which is surrounded by four concentric rings of assorted complex canes, in pink, white, blue, and green. The piece also includes ten, minute, dancing lady silhouettes, within the outer row of canes. The colorful arrangement rests on a basket of white-centered cobalt blue rods. “The silhouette is created as the interior of a cog cane which has 28 teeth, and this is the critical characteristic that identifies it as a St. Louis breed... The large body and long tail suggest that an Epagneul Picard served as the model for this cane. This breed, like the Braque Francais... is also a gun dog and originates from Picardy in the north of France.”–The Glass Menagerie: A Study of Silhouette Canes in Antique Paperweights.Diameter 3 1/8".

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