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Part I: Antique Paperweights & Related Objects - 19th Century - From Various Consignors
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Lot 1
Rare antique Baccarat faceted cruciform bouquet paperweight. A double-tiered white buttercup, with yellow star stamens, centers the arrangement, bordered by four stylized millefiori flowers, on radial stems, with buds and several shaded green leaves, over clear, star-cut ground. Two of the flowers are fashioned from white, cobalt blue, green, and red six-point star/arrowhead canes, while the alternate two are red, cobalt blue, and white bull's-eye/star/cog canes. A slender bud grows to one side of each of the four flowers, alternating between red and white. Six and one facets. Surface wear. "An arrangement peculiar to Baccarat is a flat bouquet with a central flower attached by leafy stems to four surrounding flowers." - Identifying Antique Paperweights-Lampwork. “Nearly all examples of flat floral bouquets show paperweight making at its gayest and most exuberant, belying the Victorian reputation for the lugubrious.” - Paperweights: “Flowers which clothe the meadows.” Diameter 3 9/16".

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Lot 2
Rare antique Baccarat faceted three-flower bouquet paperweight. The arrangement consists of a full, dark red "thousand-petal" rose and a green-sheathed red bud, which grow alongside a white double clematis, and a purple and yellow pansy, on stems with green leaves, over clear, star-cut ground. The clematis and the pansy each display a star honeycomb cane center. Six and one facets. According to the Victorian language of flowers, the pansy and rose symbolize true love, while the clematis wishes for luck. “In contrast to the work of the other French factories, Baccarat produced conspicuously formal floral arrangements. These masterfully portrayed flowers combine to form a delightful garden.” – The Art of the Paperweight-Challenging Tradition. “Large multifloral bouquets were a specialty of Baccarat and displayed the highest degree of skill in lampwork and millefiori techniques.” – Baccarat: Paperweights and Related Glass, 1820-1860. Diameter 3 1/4".

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Lot 3
Rare antique Pantin apples and green leaves paperweight. Three amber-shaded golden-yellow apples grow from a yellow stem, with four broad veined green leaves, on clear ground. “Little is known about Cristalleries de Pantin, even though it is credited with some of the most exquisite lampwork paperweights of the nineteenth century. Reconstructing the puzzle of Pantin begins with an account by Charles Colné, U.S. Commissioner to the 1878 Paris Exposition. In Colné’s official report, he mentioned the exhibition by Pantin of 'paperweights of solid glass...containing glass snakes, lizards…millefiori of roses, leaves and fruit.' Unfortunately, detailed descriptions and illustrations are lacking, and none of Pantin's weight were signed or dated." - Glass Paperweights in the Art Institute of Chicago. Diameter 3".

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Lot 4
Rare antique Clichy clematis bouquet paperweight. A red-striped pink double clematis blooms atop an erect green stem, with six shaded green leaves, while below, a light blue double clematis and a pale pink double clematis each share a stem with a companion bud and four slender green leaves, with serrated edges. A different type of intricate complex cane centers each of the blossoms, their stems gathered and tied with a narrow dark blue ribbon, on clear ground. The blue ribbon is no doubt symbolic and may be associated with progress, enlightenment, dreams, and liberty. The color blue was considered the worthiest of colors in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century France, and was identified with the bourgeoisie. Diameter 2 13/16".

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Lot 5
Rare antique Clichy signed scrambled millefiori paperweight. The piece contains a colorful assortment of whole and partial complex canes, including florets, stars, and rods, as well as a white and green rose, and a rarely seen turquoise, white, pink, and cobalt blue "CLICHY" signature cane. Minor annealing crack. "The rarest signatures are those in which the entire name 'CLICHY' appears". - Identifying Antique Paperweights - Millefiori. Diameter 2 7/16".

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Lot 6
Rare antique Clichy concentric millefiori in a stave basket paperweight. A petite white and green rose cane is centered by eight close concentric rings of assorted complex canes, including stardust, six-point star, floret, cog, bundled rod, and crimped canes, in vivid shades of pink, green, cobalt blue, maroon, and light blue, as well as white. The arrangement rests in a basket of alternating green and white staves. Minor bruise to side. "For precision and color harmony the finer concentrics are unsurpassed." - The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights. Diameter 3 3/16".

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