Glass Paperweights

An Extraordinary Art Form

by Art Elder, Director
International Paperweight Society Foundation

Compiled by the International Paperweight Society.

Glass paperweights have been described as one of the worlds best-kept secrets. The secret is not because of a conspiracy, but because of a simple lack of exposure. This is a real shame, because once people see them, understand how they are made, and their history, they are genuinely fascinated with them.

I'll bet many of you were surprised to find a slide show presentation about paperweights. I know that I've told people that I collect glass paperweights, and their response has been, You collect what? I've never heard of anyone collecting those.

I hope this presentation will help you understand the magical beauty of paperweights, and that you will derive the pleasure from them that I do. Hopefully, you will also develop an appreciation of this art form and an understanding of the significance of paperweights in the art world.


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