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Part I: Antique Paperweights & Related Objects - 19th Century - From Various Consignors
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Lot 1
Rare antique Clichy rose, pansy and thistle bouquet paperweight.

A large yellow-centered pink millefiori rose, cupped by sepals and crowned by three leaves, tops a bouquet along with a sheathed companion bud. A purple and pale yellow pansy appears to its left, also with a companion bud and a set of thin leaves, and a pair of rarely seen thistles appear on the right, each fashioned from a long purple, pink and white complex cane and cupped by thick green rings of spurs, which also cascades down their stems, flanked by wide serrated leaves. The blooms are gathered by the stems and tied with a striped pink ribbon. Clear ground. Similar arrangements of flowers are known, perhaps suggesting a commemoration of the alliance between England, Scotland and France during the 1853-1856 Crimea War. “A thought-provoking assembly of blossoms and buds by Clichy, simple at first glance, expresses unrequited love...The minute detail of buds with green sepals and stems, loosely tied with pink ribbon, make this an artful interpretation of a symbolic bouquet.” —Glass Paperweights in the Art Institute of Chicago. A similar example was sold in LH Selman’s Auction 43 as lot 3. Diameter 3 1/4”


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Lot 2
Extremely rare antique Silesian/Bohemian Josephinenhutte scattered millefiori and silhouettes marbrie paperweight.

A cambered white cushion is festooned with six arches of red ribbon that grow and multiply from the base to the top. Scattered complex millefiori, including the silhouettes of a horse, a running rabbit, a few devils and an eagle, cascade down from the center of the resulting six-point star. “To date this is the only documented ‘marbrie’-paperweight produced by the Josephinenhutte...Perhaps it was this marbrie that inspired the glassmakers at St. Louis in France to produce their version of this design.” —Classic Paperweights from Silesia/Bohemia. See the 2004 PCA Bulletin, page 35, for more details. Diameter 2 11/16”


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Lot 3
Rare antique Pantin red grape cluster on vine paperweight.

Translucent blood-red grapes, each centered by a large seed, are gathered by thin green stems on an arching turquoise vine which also supports a curling brown tendril and four textured green-shaded leaves, sprinkled with dew-like air bubbles. White ground. Diameter 3 1/8”


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Lot 4
Extremely rare, probably unique, antique Clichy garlanded upright flower paperweight.

Six bladed green leaves rise upward and fan outward gently to create a radiating basket for a beautiful flower which sits in its cup, above a drawn stem. The bloom has tiers of contrasting furled pink petals, arranged in close concentric rings around five tiny green matchhead stamens, and a halo of radiating small pink petals. Five thin stems, each tipped with a small white, red, or pink flower, a millefiori core, and a couple of green leaves or sepals, launch from between the leaves and create a spaced garland around the flower. Clear ground. Fine condition. Diameter 3 1/4”


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Lot 5
Rare antique Clichy three flower bouquet paperweight.

A stunning trio of double-tiered clematis blossoms, each punctuated at its nexus by a unique complex cane, forms a bouquet gathered on stems, tied by a delicate pink ribbon and filled with textured green leaves, some with sparkling aventurine. One flower is shaded pink, another is white and red and the third is cobalt blue. Each flower is accompanied by a corresponding companion bud with a few green sepals. Clear ground. “Any flat bouquet from Clichy would be considered rare, for while the variety of designs is good, the actual number of these weights made was small.” —The Dictionary of Glass Paperweights. Diameter 2 15/16”


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Lot 6
Rare antique Clichy close concentric millefiori and roses miniature piedouche paperweight.

Seven white and green rose canes are spaced in a ring with contrasting complex canes, flanked by a ring of green cogs and a ring of pink cogs, all focusing on a pink flower cane. The design is held in a ring of alternating white and blue canes, further supported by a pink and white stave basket, which is drawn down to a footed clear base. “All of the major French factories produced pedestal weights, but Clichy excelled in this area.” —The Art of the Paperweight: Challenging Tradition. Fine condition. Diameter 2 1/16”, height 1 15/16”


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Lot 7
Rare antique Baccarat 1848 scattered millefiori and Gridel silhouettes green carpet ground paperweight.

Slightly spaced complex canes, each with a central red six-pointed star cane encircled by a ring of six or seven green six-pointed stars, create a ground where spaced concentric complex canes and Gridel Silhouette canes rest. These include arrowhead, daisy, stars, fortress, quatrefoil, and shamrock canes that alternate with a rooster, butterfly, pelican, dog, pheasant, horse, goat and deer canes. The carpet ground spacing reveals a colorful interior filigree stuffing, also visible from the base. Signature/date cane. Internal flaw. Diameter 2 3/4”


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Lot 8
Rare antique Clichy cinquefoil millefiori garland paperweight.

A chain of thirteen iconic pink and green roses joins four other intertwined garlands shaped like large question marks, each composed of a different type and color of cane, to form a cinquefoil design with a large pastry mold cane in each of its lobes. White upset muslin ground over parallel latticinio staves. Popular for its beauty, the Clichy rose, perhaps more than any other cane, conjures up the passions of the Victorian era: “One has only to recall the widespread use of the rose in heraldry; the War of the Roses—the House of Lancaster with its red rose and York with its white rose. . . The Clichy rose floret is a rose in abstraction, a conception halfway between the large, formal Clichy flowers and the floral geometry of the cane itself, as close to the formal rose in heraldry as to that in nature. Its small size, defying instantaneous analysis, gives it the bud-like illusion of a real rose seen in miniature, a rose somewhat like the cabbage rose of Provence from which rosewater was produced.” —The Encyclopedia of Glass Paperweights. The muslin ground and the long chain of roses in this piece make it particularly desirable. Previously sold in the L.H. Selman Ltd. Spring 1993 Auction as lot 3. Fine condition. Diameter 3”


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Lot 9
Rare antique Baccarat “thousand petal” red rose and bud paperweight.

Six green leaves crown a multi-tiered red rose, with a halo of flat red petals cupping a center of ruffled upright petals, as it blooms atop a gently curved stem, bearing three additional green leaves. A pert sheathed red bud springs from the left. Star-cut clear ground. “So called because of its numerous petals, the unmistakable splendor of the ‘thousand petaled’ rose speaks of a love with boundless intensity. The blood-red color of the bloom alludes to the passion of the sender.” —The Art of the Paperweight: Challenging Tradition. Excellent condition. Diameter 3 1/8”


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Lot 10
Extremely rare antique New England Glass Company fuchsia paperweight.

A dimensional fuchsia bloom consists of overlapping pink petals that create a collar for blue petals that sheath green-tipped pink stamens. The flower ends a short pink stem at the tip of a forking green branch, flanked by a formal arrangement of four serrated bright-green leaves framing two pointed pink buds that curl back from short bent stems. Clear ground. Pictured and discussed in The Boston & Sandwich and New England Glass Companies, page 132. Excellent condition. Diameter 3”


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